Las Vegas Flight and Hotel Packages

When going to Las Vegas, there's a widespread myth out there that you can save money by booking a flight and hotel package together. It's been advertised on television, online travel agencies like Travelocity, and it's basic common knowledge passed on from your parents that booking flight and hotels together is the way to travel. The truth is, this may be true for many vacations, but for a Las Vegas vacation, this is the wrong way to book it. If you really want to save money, you want to book your airfare and hotel separately. Keep in mind, there are still times when airfare + hotel packages are cheaper than booking separately, but this is usually only for last minute trips. Of the last 30 trips we've packaged for people, only 1 of them were flight and hotel booked as a single package, and that single was a last minute booking. Below is the step by step guide on how to plan the cheapest Las Vegas vacation package. 5 extra minutes of your time may save you hundreds of dollars.

Assuming you know all the dates and details of what you want, these are the steps.

Step 1)
Go here to or if you're in Canada, and find the flight + hotel package for the date's and hotel you want and do it for 2 people. Write down the total amount. So for example, I wanted to go December 30th to January 2nd for a New Years trip from Vancouver, and I wanted Planet Hollywood, so the cheapest one I found was for $1078.05/person.

Step 2) Okay now start over, and just search for the flight only now. Find the lowest priced one and write it down. In the example, the lowest priced flight, which was also the one in the package, was $614.55/person.

Step 3) Now go to the Las Vegas Hotel Deals section and pick the hotel you want. Find the lowest price promotion and select the dates you'd be staying. Write down the final price. So, I picked Planet Hollywood, and found the “Plan Ahead and Save 30% Off” promotion to have the lowest starting price. The same room as the one in the flight + hotel package ended up being $648.37, so $324.19/person.

Step 4) Now calculate the total amount for each person and see which one you should book. It's just simple math now. Flight + hotel package was $1078.05 a person. Booking separately, flight is $614.55 + $324.19 for hotel, with total being $938.74/person. TOTAL SAVINGS = $278.62!! Keep in mind the savings aren't always this high, but that 5 minutes of extra searching resulted in a very respectable amount saved. Now you don't have to wonder why online travel agencies make so much.

There's an added benefit as well. Because you booked your hotel separately, you always have the option of canceling the reservation, with no charge. You may want to do that if you found a better deal, just wanted to change hotels, or if there are problems with your trip and you can't anymore. It adds a little bit of flexibility which is nice.

If this guide is a little confusing, you know what, just contact us with all the necessary info, and we'll be glad to help you find the lowest price package for you.

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