Las Vegas Car Rental Guide - How to find the cheapest rates possible!

Ever go on vacation and go home regretting all the places you should've gone while there due to either lack or transportation, or just the sheer cost of it? The easy solution to this is simply, rent a car. Most people think car rentals are expensive, but these days, with all the specials, promos, and coupon codes, everything's pretty affordable.

For a place like Las Vegas, most people tend to stay in the Strip, and for a majority of them, that'll keep them content. But to get the full experience of Las Vegas, you'll definitely need a car. For example, staying on justthe Strip means you'll be missing the oldschool, glitz and glamor of downtown, the breathtaking spectacle of Red Rock Canyon, the sense of accomplishment of a budget, Las Vegas outlet shopping trip, and so much more.

So make sure to rent a car, and find the ones on special!

Just follow these simple steps to ensure you get the cheapest car rental rates anywhere.

Step 1:

Go here to or if you're in Canada and pick the dates you want and car you want. I personally will check both sites even if you're Canadian as sometimes the rates are cheaper for one site than the others.

Step 2:

Usually there are 2 or 3 companies that have very similar lowest rates. In Las Vegas, these companies are usually Alamo rent a car, Fox rent a car, and Advantage car rentals. Write down these rates and go directly to the car company's website.

Step 3:

Go to the Las Vegas Car Rental Specials here, and find all the available coupons.

Step 4:

Plugin the coupons and if you compare the rates after the coupons, with the rates on the big sites, you'll normally see a discount anywhere from 10-30% off what you would have paid.

Step 5(optional):

If you're familiar with hotwire and priceline, you can check there additionally as well. These site's are more for advanced users though and aren't really recommended unless you're familiar with them.

Note: Most car rental companies have pretty lenient cancellation policies. As long as you cancel 24-48 hours before your actual booking date, the reservation can be cancelled. Take advantage of this, if you see a good deal or if you're unsure if the deal is good or not, just book it first. If you happen to find another one in the future, cancel the previous one.

Anyways, here's my guide, and if you follow each step, you should be saving some money in no time, and maximizing your vacations! Cheers!