How To Share Chips and Get "Impressive" Daily in myVEGAS

This is how you both share and impressive every day.  This is assuming you have enough friends though, so remember to get more friends!

I prefer to use Google Chrome because it’s the fastest browser for this but it’s all up to you. Remember, automation features can/will get you banned. This includes using things like linkclump or the automated feature in game feeds, so don’t do it.

1) Download the “All Bonus Checker App”, install it and select post to “only you” so that you don’t bother your friends with random spam. In the search box, select myVEGAS slots and then run the app by clicking on the myVEGAS slots icon on the left.

Note: For some reason, this app may not work for all people. Try a different browser to see if it helps. If not, just bookmark and use this myVEGAS feeds link instead, it does the same thing but not as organized.

2) The fastest way to collect these links is to hold down CTRL and left click each link.
This will open all the links in new tabs.  After about 10-20 or however many your computer can handle, simply go to your left-most tab, right click on it and select “close other tabs”.
You should do this a few times a day, every few hours(if you have time), and should have no problem maxing out your chips.

3) To share, simply open up notepad, and whenever you see an active link, simply copy and paste the url until you have a nice little list in notepad. Then, simply paste it all in the Small Chip Share thread. If everyone does this, it'll be an easy "impressive" every day.

Hope this helps. Please don't hesitate to ask questions in the group if you have any.